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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hello!  A new gardening season is just around the corner.  January brings lengthening days and seed catalogs, turning a gardener’s thoughts to the new season.  How will I rotate the crops around in my veggie garden?  Were there veggies that just didn’t work for me last year?  Are there some I’d like to try?  Do I want to try new annuals in my containers this year?  What about that empty space next to the driveway–tree? Shrub? Perennials?

Planning for a new gardening season happens continually for a greenhouse.  We see what people like, what they don’t.  We look at new plants coming out and decide if they’ll grow well in the Grand Valley.   Orders are revised and adjusted.  Plans for hanging baskets and planters are made to be sure enough seeds and plants have been ordered.  It won’t be long before you’ll see cars in the lot at Mt Garfield, as the owners and planters come back to work, filling the greenhouses with plants you’ll love.

We have some new and exciting things to share with you this season, including grafted tomatoes, our own bagged soil, recipes with our veggies and beautiful new flowers to brighten your landscape.  We hope you’ll enjoy Growing with us!

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