About Us

Our goal at Mt. Garfield Greenhouse & Nursery is to provide you with friendly, helpful, knowledgeable service and the highest quality of products at a reasonable price. With over five acres of greenhouses and nurseries, we grow what we sell right here in Grand Junction.

This blog will keep you up-to-date with new plants and products, services, events, and happenings in our gardens and yours.  Our plan is  to be informative in a casual way.

My name is Heidi and I’ll be the main blogger.  I’ve worked at Mt Garfield for over 10 years; I’m one of “the girls” who work the front counter.  I love to garden!  My property includes a raised bed vegetable garden, perennials in berms and a variety of trees and shrubs.  I also grow annuals and herbs in containers; all in the Whitewater area–not the easiest pace to garden!  Squash bugs, hornworms and aphids have attacked my plants and I’ve fought back–with organic methods first.  My garden passions include heirloom tomatoes and anything unusual.  My posts will be inspired by the season and news from the greenhouse.

So, welcome!  If there are gardening themes you’d like to see explored here, please let me know.  And I’ll do my best to find the information necessary and compose posts or a series of posts on themes that interest you!

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